Puluikytė Gabrielė

In overall, India changed the way i see world, i learned a lot of new things and i started to look at things from different perspective. This was an experience of a lifetime and i would gladly come back to volunteer at any time soon. It was the best summer ive had and all thanks to volunteering and India. I can not imagine my life without animals and if theres anyone who feels the same way as i do, i would recommend to go to India and help animals, who really needs the help. During the month, i made a lot of new friends and im still keeping in touch with them. The people are so kind and i  didnt have any problems communicating with others. I gained lots of valuable experiences which will be useful in the future as i am studying veterinary medicine. I have seen a wide variety of animals who needed help – starting with new born birds, ending with huge mammals such as camels. I helped a lot of animals, which were begging for help. Ive seen how one person can change hundreds of animals lives. This month in India was the best choice of my life and i would recommend it to anyone who is still not sure if it is worth to go there. Forever thankful and dreaming to come back.