Holly Sutton

After a rather unsteady start to my 5 week trip to India, Help In Suffering welcomed me with open arms and a beautiful cup of chai, made by the fabulous Manju ji. As a UK vet student, I planned to come to India to gain veterinary experience in another culture but was let down by the charity that I had planned to work for. I loved my time at Help in Suffering; they gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and learn what the average day is like in the running of a charity in India. Help in Suffering is passionate about caring for injured animals, and helping promote animal welfare, and this shines immensely through in their work. Each day I worked with the team to look after the animals staying in the centre, assisted on rounds with the treatment team (treating wounds and helping with medications), and observed work in the dispensary and surgery. I enjoyed working with the treatment team the most as I’m extremely interested in trauma care and so I found it most enjoyable learning skills in this area. From injured monkeys, to dogs, cats, birds, cows, donkeys, horses, the list goes on… there were so many opportunities to learn and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. One morning I also spent with the team that collect dogs for the animal birth control programme. The staff at Help in Suffering were eager to help me learn and this made my experience very enjoyable; I left with an array of new skills and new experiences and I am very grateful for everything. Not only that, but their love for animals I will never forget.