Adele Walsh

Myself and another classmate of mine spent 4 weeks working in HIS as vet student volunteers from Ireland. We enjoyed every minute of our stay! The Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programme is hugely beneficial for the overpopulation of stray dogs in Jaipur – we were so lucky to be able to take part on a daily basis. As well as that, we were able to interact with, and care for, many different animals that you wouldn’t see in our home Country of Ireland! We learnt so much and we gained skills that we will use in our future careers as Veterinary surgeons. We would like to thank everyone at HIS for making our experience so worthwhile and rewarding, paticularly Doctor Jack, Doctor Sanjay and all the team in ABC! Volunteers are always welcome at HIS, so we would encourage anyone to do so if they can. Thank you HIS!