Macaque successful nursing


In December we rescued a juvenile Rhesus macaque monkey (Macaca mulatta) which was lying collapsed in the city. It was dehydrated and hypothermic. It had a maggot wound near its anus and tail, and lacerations to its right hind leg.

At the HIS hospital it was put on a drip to correct the dehydration and the wounds were cleaned and dressed. In the cold of a Jaipur winter considerable nursing efforts were made to keep the little monkey warm and comfortable.

The wounds were treated daily and the monkey fed daily on fruit by our dedicated and generous volunteer Yogendar ji.

Within a month of rescue the macaque had recovered from his injuries. He will join our growing troupe of macaque monkeys which once bonded into a social group will be released together into the jungle.

Photo 1 shows the macaque on an I/v drip on arrival at the HIS hospital.

Photo 2 shows the monkey a month later recovered and well our volunteer Yogendar Ji shows our other volunteers feeding young monkeys.