Goose Sent


A goose was found dehydrated and wandering around a building site. A kind member of the public who brought her to HIS fearing she could find no food or water or have an accident with a dog or car. After being checked over Dr Corinne she was found to be dehydrated and a little weak but otherwise healthy. The goose was calm with humans and so made an excellent patient to train staff and new vets. They learnt about the different sites in the skin and the various accessible vessels where it was safe to give her fluids.


After treatment, the goose spent a few days in her makeshift pen on her mini lake, taking food and building up her strength. Her gentle demeanor was not just because she had been unwell, but as she grew stronger it was clear she was once cared for by humans. Thus, the perfect place for her to go was to HIS trustee and bird enthusiast Timmie Kumar. She was unravelled from the clothe used to protect her wings whilst being transported and placed on the ground not far from Timmies small flock of geese. She gave a honk, they all honked back an answer and off she went, confidently strutting directly over to them. To our delight the flock just accepted her immediately, they didn’t even have to investigate her by touch, they simply made way for her to join and off they all went together. Perhaps she had said ‘Can I join you?’ and they had replied ‘Please do’. I wish humans could be more like that. You’ll notice in the picture a flightless goose with wings is called ‘angle wing’. One theory is inappropriate diet when birds are young.