Camel uterine prolapse


It was an early and very cold morning of Saturday, 31st Dec. I was getting ready to go to HIS shelter. Suddenly my phone rang. On the other side of phone one of the government doctors was there. He asked me that he took my numbers from one of my colleagues. He requested me to go to a female camel with prolapsed uterus.
It was an emergency so I decided to go there as a priority. We collected all the things required and immediately rushed to the site. The government vet. also reached there.

On reaching we found that it was a herd of camels. Hundreds of camel were scattered here and there. A camel in the middle of that ground was sitting on the ground with prolapsed uterus out of the body, surrounded by many people. Condition of the female was so poor. She had delivered a healthy calf 3-4 hrs ago.
Uterus of the female was soiled badly with the dirt and faeces. They have kept the uterus on a dirty rug. All people became very happy to see us because they had lost the hope as it was a remote area without medical facilities.

Our team started preparations. Our main challenge was to clean this delicate body part and to keep it clean in this field condition. Fortunately we had new big plastic bags in our ambulance. We cleaned the prolapsed part and put it on those plastic bags to prevent it from getting dirty again.
In camels prolapses are not very common like cattles but they are difficult to treat because of large size of animal specially in field condition.

Prolapse was corrected under sedation and epidural anaesthesia. To prevent re-occurance, purse string sutures were applied. Injectable and intra-uterine antibiotics, fluids, anti-inflammatory medication was given.
Now the female camel was comfortable. Everybody heaved a sigh of relief. All the people were grateful to our team. We returned after giving some instructions.

In the evening of that day, the govt. Vet. made me a call and thanked again. He told that in evening the camel started eating and walking again.
It was again a successful teamwork.


-Dr. Abhinav Swami