Buss recovers from horrific head wound

Buzz came to HIS in desperate need of treatment for a deep wound on his head that was heavily infested with maggots. His owner contacted HIS when they discovered the wound and our rescue team visited and transported Buzz to HIS to receive urgently needed treatment.

Maggot infestations are very common in Jaipur at this time of year and without prompt treatment the maggots will burrow deeper and deeper into the dog’s body, causing horrific and very painful injuries.

On arrival at HIS, Buzz was immediately assessed by a vet and given painkillers, antibiotics and treatment to kill the maggots.

The next day, our visiting volunteer vet, Dr Susan, cleaned up his wound, carefully removed all of the maggots and applied a bandage to cover the wound.

With cleaning and bandaging of his wound every day, Buzz was very soon feeling better. He loves people and was a perfect patient, standing absolutely still for us to change his dressing. After just 3 weeks, we were able to release Buzz back to his very relieved owners. He will need to have ointment applied to the wound for a few more days until it has fully healed.

Thanks to the quick actions of his owners and the HIS rescue team we were able to reach Buzz in time. Many dogs are not so lucky and suffer even more horrendous injuries caused by maggot infestations. There are so many more street pets like Buzz that rely on HIS. If you would like to support our work please visit our web site www.his-india.in or Face Book http://www.facebook.com/pages/Help-in-Suffering-Jaipur-Rajasthan-India/336779206394210